Friday, April 6, 2012

Marketing campaign email-Do not deprive yourself of money

One of the many reasons why people may be deprived of money with their online business is that they fail to properly use a marketing campaign via email. It's really easy to implement and it can be a great way to earn more with each person who comes to your website.

You see, many people coming to your website will simply not buy and in most cases they never return. So if you want to have an effective online business and make the most of your efforts online then you should start a marketing campaign via email.

For your visitors, establish good relations and to tell them who you are and what you can do for them, you must be a way to contact visitors to your website whenever you need it. Doing this with an autoresponder is easy. Keep reading, I'll show you how:

1. First you will need a autoresponder service. There are various services available online and prices range from free to about 15 euros per month. The free versions have limitations but they always help you get started.

2. Once you have your autoresponder service in place, you should add a form to your website. Just press a few buttons and it requires no technical knowledge. Anyone can do it. You just press a few buttons, simply create the form and add it to your websites.

3. Once the form is on your site, you can capture e-mail addresses and names of visitors to your website (as long as they agree to sign up). This brings us to the next point: how do you encourage your visitors to subscribe to your mailing lists? Easy, you just need to "bribe" ... ethically of course.

Create something that has a very high perceived value (it need not cost you a penny, but if they think this can give them a lot, that's all you need). This can be something as simple as a ebook or electronic course.

4. Add a series of emails followed. Everything is done automatically, you add a series of emails that will go automatically. All you have to do is to write e-mails, all you want and place them on your autoresponder. They will leave automatically over time and you can build trust and good relations with everyone on your list.

That's about it, it's pretty simple to set up a marketing campaign via email and optimize for every person who lands on your website. You can really connect with people on your list simply by offering help and advice. This simple little thing you can really make more money and it's a win-win.

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